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Unsure where to begin when searching for reviewed and rated gutter companies? We provide you with up to four free quotations for quality guttering work from Wigan companies.

It's clear that gutters are one of the most regularly ignored safety elements on any household. If you let water run from your roof and down the walls you will likely encounter a host of issues including damp/mould, damage to walls and foundation damage. If you need brand new guttering, or want to upgrade your current pipes then it's well worth comparing costs using our free service.

Greater Manchester partial gutter replacement

When some of your drainage is performing as it ought to, you can simply improve the rest of it by getting a partial install.

Upgrading your guttering in part will enable your drainage to function as designed. It will also enable you to save on substantial costs. One can be certain that your current and new pipes match in colouration and design to maintain your property’s visual appeal.

replacement Wigan gutters

New set up or changing outdated guttering?

guttering installation in Wigan, Greater Manchester

If it is a thorough new fitting from scratch that you want, potentially intended for a new build property or home or even extension then you can certainly select from a big assortment of rain gutter types and also fabrics. Are looking for far better water drainage than your existing gutters provide? Or merely desire to alter the shade or renew the style? We're able to take care of all replacing work.

Repairing your existing Wigan guttering

Our totally free repair quotes will enable you to deal with any damage to your existing guttering. We've come across a number of reasons why you may encounter broken gutters:

  1. Debris strikes: Repairs are regularly needed due to slipping roof tiles and dropped tree limbs. Both are likely to be brought about by rough climatic conditions.
  2. Hangers: Incorrect fitting could cause your hangers to come away from your fascia. Ultimately, this would need correcting to prevent more damage.
  3. Obstructed pipes: Any time a pipe is plugged or clogged up, it may cause some pipes to sag or maybe even worse, fall down.
  4. Gutter age: Your old guttering can be expanding and contracting due to variations in the climate which can cause them to fracture in time.

Seamless aluminium guttering

  1. For a sleek and clean look on your modern property or home, go with a seamless gutter style.
  2. Put simply, the greater number of joins you have in your pipework the more chance there may be of a leak forming, which may be eliminated by using a single length of guttering.
  3. A slight obstacle in seamed pipework can be found in the small join ridges which sometimes result in crud buildup and clogging with time. The solution? Good Cleaning!

Section profiles - half round or square?

  1. Modern round guttering: Round profiles will not carry more water as compared with square profiles. A real difference, however, is that they are typically considered perfect for any new property style. Round profile gutters are actually half-round in form because of their semi-circular profiles.
  2. Classic square: Square gutter profiles are well-known to move far more water compared to half round profiles. They can also be installed in standard or contemporary buildings. Low and high square profiles may each be part of square profile guttering but they have varied diameters and also water transporting capabilities.

Options on the market for your guttering

  • Metal: There is much to take into account when choosing brand new gutters. Nevertheless, aluminium, steel and copper are the perfect metal choices.
  • Traditional: Traditional design guttering can be characterised through half round Victorian Ogee and Moulded Ogee profiles. Combine state-of-the-art coloured aluminium and you will then achieve that impressive classic appearance.
  • PVC: PVC guttering works efficiently and it is the best option for all those planning to set up dependable drainage at a reasonable cost. It's available in many styles and colours.

Wigan guttering accessories

Accessories for your Wigan gutter installation:

Water diverter

Don't let that excessive rain water go to waste! Install a water diverter onto your downpipe and collect rain water using a water butt.

Drain leaf guards

Set up at the bottom of your downpipes these keep the drain clear by stopping leaves from entering the pipelines.

Gutter guards

Planning to maximise your set up further? It's time to say goodbye to blockages by leaf debris as well as restricted circulation of water, thanks to gutter leaf guards.

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Save it for Wigan Experts

Installing gutters should only be undertaken professionals. Below is why:

Wrong installation: If not mounted properly, you take the chance of your guttering not performing as designed, and also the potential for additional damage to your home.

Hazards at height: The reality that gutter fitting is performed at height means that you risk injuries through slipping should you not have the specialist safety gear and extensive expertise in the job.

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