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These days, there are several gutter accessories available that have been designed to ensure that your home’s guttering system is able to operate as efficiently as possible. Below are some of the most popular gutter accessories that are currently available.

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Gutter Brushes

gutter brush guards

Also called bottlebrush or hedgehog gutter guards, gutter brushes are installed inside the gutter to fill the space that would otherwise be occupied by leaves, twigs and other debris over time, while still allowing water to flow freely. Although these devices are affordable and easy to install, they will require cleaning from time to time. If left unchecked, they can promote the growth of mould in your gutters.

Downspout Strainers/Filters

gutter downspout leaf filter

Downspout strainers are shaped filter units that are fitted at the top of downspouts that prevent leaves, twigs and other debris from entering them. This enables water to flow through as efficiently as possible and it is one of the most affordable solutions for preventing blockages. There are various shapes and materials available to suit all guttering styles.

Gutter Guards

gutter leaf guards

Gutter guards are units that are installed over the top of gutters to prevent leaves, twigs and other items from getting into them and causing blockages.

Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are manufactured from nylon, wire mesh or foam and they are extremely affordable. These units are excellent at keeping leaves and twigs out of guttering systems, but they will also require periodic cleaning to ensure that water can flow freely through them.

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

These gutter guards help enable water to flow into the gutters while guiding leaves and other debris out of them. In order for them to function optimally, they must be installed at a similar angle or pitch to that of your home’s roof. Although these units do also require maintenance, it will not be as much as that needed for gutter screens.

Water Butts

rain water butts and barrels

Rain barrels provide a great way to store water that runs off of your home’s roof and down its gutters. This water can then not only be used to water your lawn and garden; if the correct pump and filter system is installed, this water can be rendered safe for human consumption as well. Rain barrels are available in several different sizes, styles and colours, enabling you to choose one that will be most suitable for blending in with the rest of your home’s appearance.

Splash Blocks

downpipe splash blocks and guards

These are relatively heavy units that are installed along the bottom end of the downspouts to help control the flow of water as it runs through them. Splash blocks are used to reduce the amount of pressure of the water coming through the downspout, which ultimately prevents erosion occurring around the downspout area. Though not commonplace throughout the UK (where most rainwater is diverted into a drainage system) they are still used in places such as outbuildings to divert water away from any foundations.

Downspout Extensions

flexible downpipe extensions

This device extends a downspout by a few feet to help ensure that water is channelled as far away from your home’s foundations as possible.

Rain Chains

gutter rain chains

Rain chains provide an aesthetically attractive alternative to standard downspouts. These units come directly out of the gutter holes and guide water off of your home’s roof and down to the ground during inclement weather. Their design also ensures that there is less chance of water pooling around your home’s foundations.

Gutter Accessory FAQs - Your Questions Answered

With so many accessories available when you're installing new guttering, it's likely you'll have a number of questions. Here are a few of the more common questions we receive.

Can I install my own gutter guards or screens?

Although this may be possible, it is not recommended. Instructions need to be carefully followed to ensure that these devices operate as efficiently as possible.

How much will it cost to install gutter screens or guards to my home’s guttering?

This will depend on the amount of guttering you have, whether your home is single storey or higher, the type of gutter screens or guards being installed and how easy it will be for the installers to access your roof. Our professionals will provide you with up to four quotes that will enable you to choose the one that best suits your budget.

If I install gutter guards, does it mean that I never have to clean my gutters again?

No. Periodic cleaning of the guards or screens as well as the gutters will still be required. In most cases, it is recommended that you have your gutters and guards professionally cleaned once a year.

What benefits are here to installing gutter guards?

These devices will help keep leaves, twigs and other foreign objects from blocking your home’s gutters and causing leaks to develop.

Why should I consider installing a rain barrel?

Not only will you be doing your part to help preserve the environment by saving water; saving rain water for later use can help reduce your household water bill substantially over time as well.

How do I know which gutter accessories will be most beneficial for my home?

The best way to determine this will be to have a professional installer visit your home and perform an assessment of its existing guttering system. Once this has been done, they will provide you with recommendations as well as quotes for any accessories you would like to install.

How long will it take to install a few gutter accessories on my property?

This will depend on the accessories being installed. For example, if you are just having downspout strainers and splash blocks fitted, it will only take a few hours in most cases. However, if you are having a complete gutter guard system fitted, it may take a day or two, depending on the size of your home.

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